‘Renoma II’ was established in May 1993. The company offers detective services within the area of corporate security and investigating activities. Our office is run by a former intelligence officer, an experienced and licensed detective (licence No 0000505), which guarantees professionalism, effectiveness and complete discretion.

The company is the member of the World Association of Detectives and the Polish Association of Licensed Private Investigators.

We offer our services to both business entities and private customers. We accept orders from all over Poland. Thanks to cooperation with numerous foreign partners, we can also perform our activities outside Poland. We talk and write reports in English, French, and Russian.

We have insured out business against adverse events and circumstances.

Our Offer


Location and investigation of individuals, carried out by a team of detectives, surveillance of individuals and buildings, carried out by a team of detectives, documentation of events (photo, video, audio materials) – divorce cases etc. (carried out by a team of detectives);

Security systems

System of monitoring television, notification system of the burglary and the assault, system of the monitored access, system of videoentryphones and entryphones.

Missing person search

Our detectives’ expertise is successfully utilised in difficult missing person search cases. Our detectives locate missing persons (including kidnapped children, for instance), or those who deliberately hide out, e.g. debtors. Our detectives utilise diversified proven and effective investigation techniques.

Business intelligence

Utilising the expertise of our professional team of detectives specialising in various fields, BI Renoma II offers in-depth detective investigations on companies or industry (commerce) sectors which are of interest for our Clients. The task is performed by a team of carefully selected detectives, depending on the scope of investigating activities agreed upon with the Client.

Corporate security

Corporate and individual due diligence audits, including (depending on the profile of the order) adequate community interview, analysis of registration documentation, photo documentation, asset checks, surveillance and operational activities, corporate and individual asset checks carried out by a detective or a team of detectives for evidential purposes (e.g. for courts or bailiffs)

Bug detection

We offer bug detection detective services. We work for both individual and corporate customers. The bug detection procedure is carried out by an experienced detective, who is a specialist in this field and utilises professional equipment. The detective diagnoses the actual state of affairs and formulates guidelines for the future.